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This video is about self esteem and body image, I think it is a good video to watch for facts and ect.


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10 interesting facts or questions

1. Did you know that in most moisturizers there is snail slime, snail slime protects your skin from bacteria, UV rays, and cuts. It also makes your skin very smooth.

2. In high-end perfumes such as Chanel there is whale vomit, surprisingly its very valuable.

3. Did you know that In red lipsticks there is most of the time crushed beetles. The Beatles are soaked in hot water, dried, then crushed which give it the dark red colour. If you look at the ingredients it will be listed as Carmine.

4. In most calamine lotions there is rust, it will most likely listed as ferrous oxide, pigment brown 6, or pigment red 101.

5. Did you know that in mascara and nail polish there is fish scales.

6. Did you know that in deodorant there is dynamite

7. Did you know that in sunscreen, Lip balm there is Shark Liver oil.

8. Did you know that mascara makes your eyelashes shorter after a long period of time,

9. Did you know that in some lipsticks there is hot pepper oil.

10. Did you know that in a lot of your every day materials there is sheep wool wax ( I have no idea what that is)




Women spend 335 hours a year working on our body image/appearance

In this article is talking about how some women obsess about their body image/appearance. Their is such thing as self-caring about your appearance and there is obsessing too much about your appearance, a lot of women are obsessed with how they look and what their body looks like which is extremely unhealthy. We spend an average of 2 weeks/ 335 hours a year worrying about our body image/ appearance. TODAY news/talk recently did a survey and found that 60% of women have negative thoughts about themselves weekly. This is  compared to 36% of men. More than 2,000 adults plus 200 teenagers over age 16 participated in the TODAY/AOL body image survey. This was a online survey constructed by a online representative a month ago. 

I think that you should read this article and tell me what you think about it!

Im new to WordPress

Hey! I’m a student looking for information on the topic the beauty myth, makeup, and beauty pagents. For the next couple of months i will be posting blog posts about any of these things i listed above, i will be commenting on other peoples posts and ect. I hope you can help me find information on these things! Also you can follow my twitter account @cons_of_beauty 

Do we spend to much money on makeup?

I was recently reading and article on how much money women spend on make-up and how much of these cosmetics we have in our household. The total come to 17 billion dollars spent on make-up per year, around 300$ per person. I don’t understand how do we put so much money into buying make-up but we don’t always have a fridge full of food to come home to. A survey was recently done and every women has at the least 12 eye shadows but only uses 5 of them, 2-3 mascaras but only uses 1 daily, 7 lipsticks only uses 2.6, 3 different shades of blush only uses 1 daily, and 2 foundations but uses one of both of them daily. I think that this is an unbelievable amount of make-up considering its only for one women, if there was 2 women in the household it would be double. I think that us girls and women need to cut down on the amount of male-up we use daily.

 I think that it would be a good idea to read this article and see how much money we really spend on makeup. its unbelievable like i said I don’t understand how we spend so much money on makeup and wear so much!. 

Makeup and Money: The Cost, the Quests and the Holy Grails